Friday Night Social Parties
This is probably the best Friday night you will ever have!

$20 per person
- OR -
FREE if you have attended a Private Lesson or Group Class

Evening includes a 30-minute dance lesson, refreshments, and buffet.

Please note: This event only takes place on the 3RD Friday of the month!

We are famously known for our Friday Night Social Parties, where it's non-stop fun and dancing! Here at The Sovereign Dance Academy, the evening will include a FREE 30-minute dance class at the beginning of the evening and then the evening is yours to enjoy and practice the dance routines you have learned during the week. 

We have a huge selection party dance such as: The CHA CHA Slide, The Lilac Waltz, The Electric Slide, The Mayfair Quickstep, Rumba OneSquare Tango, and many more!